ch 1 page 9

22nd Jul 2021, 11:22 AM in Chapter One
ch 1 page 9
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Author Notes:

22nd Jul 2021, 11:22 AM
sorry for the slow updates! i had to remake this page like three times haha. thanks for reading, glad you're all enjoying the comic!


22nd Jul 2021, 11:27 AM
It's good to see this comic back :D
22nd Jul 2021, 12:56 PM
Wow! This is some nice art! I’m glad i found this comic.
22nd Jul 2021, 1:04 PM
Bart is kind of scary now, but it IS the logical extension of his character into his adolescents. Bravo.
22nd Jul 2021, 1:31 PM
yess, loving this chapter
22nd Jul 2021, 3:36 PM
23rd Jul 2021, 2:08 AM
God the art slaps so hard
25th Jul 2021, 6:59 AM
Saw this panel on twitter and I HAD to find the rest of it, looking forward to more!
1st Aug 2021, 1:09 AM
This comic is so good.
5th Aug 2021, 12:45 AM
looks like shit
2nd Oct 2021, 2:33 AM
says u
3rd Oct 2021, 10:15 AM
Heather V
So do it better yourself, troll!
3rd Oct 2021, 2:18 PM
Ok this is gonna be a hard case to crack boys. Sonic, the Flash, Quicksilver, and road runner have searched across the globe and not a single one of those mofos could find who the fuck asked.
21st Oct 2021, 10:14 PM
Shut it
5th Aug 2021, 1:20 AM
Poor Lisa! I love the dynamic between the superintendent and Seymour. Also, Lisa's outfit is really cute.
5th Aug 2021, 9:30 AM
this is so cool!! can't wait to see the rest 😊 ❀️
9th Aug 2021, 1:46 PM
so happy this updated! I was following on tumblr and lost track of the comic. i love the art!
19th Aug 2021, 12:53 AM
29th Aug 2021, 10:44 AM
I love this. I hope there is more to come.
30th Aug 2021, 4:38 AM
Keep going~! You're doing great!! I'm happy to have found this :3
19th Sep 2021, 9:03 PM
a facehead
Great artwork! Super love this, keep them coming! You're very talented!
21st Sep 2021, 9:01 PM
No sabia que tanto necesitaba este comic!
28th Sep 2021, 7:20 PM
This has been truly magical to read so far! Seeing these familiar faces grow up is such a strangely emotional thing. Thank you!
28th Sep 2021, 7:44 PM
Ay dude this kicks ass
28th Sep 2021, 8:16 PM
Fuck you, this comic is incredible. Looking forward to the rest of it
28th Sep 2021, 9:07 PM
Came here from a Polygon article I read. This is so neat!!! I'm very excited to keep up with this as new pages comes out
29th Sep 2021, 3:02 AM
Me too! lol
29th Sep 2021, 3:29 AM

I really like the art style, can't wait for more!
29th Sep 2021, 3:37 AM
i cannot stress this enough: I NEED MORE
29th Sep 2021, 8:01 AM
Found this through a web article. Damn this is amazing.. I stopped watching the Simpsons a long time ago as i was more interested in the future stuff they would tease. This is like a love letter to my soul and i thank you.
29th Sep 2021, 8:23 AM
Shawn Ard
This is cool
29th Sep 2021, 8:27 AM
Kit Foxtrot
Google News brought me here, if you can believe it. Nicely done!
29th Sep 2021, 10:04 AM
The Lizard Queen
I just discovered this comic, and I’m so upset there isn’t more to binge read 😭

Would gladly throw money at the author for more/a physical copy
29th Sep 2021, 10:31 AM
Shall be waiting... Enjoyed so far..
29th Sep 2021, 11:17 AM
This is great work.
29th Sep 2021, 11:39 AM
I’m loving this art style!!! Hope to see more!
29th Sep 2021, 12:04 PM
Lovin it! Deff want more!
29th Sep 2021, 12:08 PM
Absolutely loving this. I haven't gotten into a new welcoming in ages. Excited to be in on the ground floor.
29th Sep 2021, 12:10 PM
Very very nice stuff, I'm hooked to it now!
29th Sep 2021, 1:02 PM
hey man
I was excited to learn about this comic today before being equally disappointed it hasn't updated in months! That's not a complaint, I just really hope you continue this project because it gave me a weird and fulfilling sense of something approaching closure after literal decades of seeing the Simpsons kids not being allowed to age a single day.
29th Sep 2021, 1:19 PM
Surprising how it feels right reading it
29th Sep 2021, 1:51 PM
Great job. Looking forward to more!
29th Sep 2021, 2:09 PM
Jon B
Just discovered this. Very good so far :)
29th Sep 2021, 2:13 PM
insta ferdiz_draw
Putting in my vote hoping to see this comic continue. πŸ’ͺ
29th Sep 2021, 3:00 PM
Just adding my voice to the chorus of people who discovered this comic today and hope you continue. Really great work!
29th Sep 2021, 3:44 PM
Skyla Abrams
Please more
29th Sep 2021, 3:50 PM
Came here via Polygon via Google Feed. Really enjoyed what was here. Would love to see more.
29th Sep 2021, 3:55 PM
I feel like this is a comic I could support monetarily. Please notify if you decide to do a subscription and regular schedule.
30th Sep 2021, 9:52 AM
thank you (and everyone else coming from the polygon article) so much! a regular schedule is a bit tricky for me in my current situation unfortunately, but if you enjoy what i have so far, i have a tip jar here :^)
29th Sep 2021, 5:38 PM
More please. This is such an amazing idea and your art and dialogue is great. Found you from polygon
29th Sep 2021, 8:19 PM
Wheres the rest?
29th Sep 2021, 8:30 PM
Wolf N.
Wow! This is really good I hope to get to see much more in the future. Thank you for making this!
29th Sep 2021, 8:31 PM
Wolf N.
P.S. Found this on my Google list
30th Sep 2021, 12:55 AM
Wah congrats on being featured! I was so surprised to see your artwork on my news feed :D
30th Sep 2021, 5:39 AM
Just like everyone else, I had the Polygon article pop up in my newsfeed, and this comic is exactly what I never knew I needed in my life. I love the character designs. Hopefully all this newfound attention will be the encouragement needed to get some more regular updates -- looking forward to them!
30th Sep 2021, 6:24 AM
Need more I am really intrigued. Keep it up
30th Sep 2021, 6:37 AM
moar? πŸ₯Ί
30th Sep 2021, 11:06 AM
Good job!
30th Sep 2021, 1:22 PM
Awesome work so far! Can't wait for the next page!
30th Sep 2021, 3:46 PM
Wow this is really good
1st Oct 2021, 2:56 PM
This is pretty good. Looking forward to more.
2nd Oct 2021, 2:33 AM
it's such a good comic so far!! are you going to continue it?
2nd Oct 2021, 1:30 PM
2nd Oct 2021, 4:09 PM
This is such a great read! I hope you keep making more!
3rd Oct 2021, 10:14 AM
Heather V
These are AMAZING and I can't wait to read more!
3rd Oct 2021, 11:35 AM
I like to read comics
4th Oct 2021, 12:33 AM
Wow this comic is really goood and I can't wait to see more of it πŸ₯ΊπŸ€© I love how you're interpreting the characters while also drawing back to callbacks
5th Oct 2021, 7:34 AM
I'm so happy that you're back!
Thank you for the update! 😁
12th Oct 2021, 5:24 AM
I love it
13th Oct 2021, 3:04 AM
Okay look this has everything I want. The art is lovely too!
21st Oct 2021, 10:14 PM
Hope you will update soon ❀ love the comic and Lisa
25th Oct 2021, 7:37 PM
Excited to see more of this!
12th Nov 2021, 12:18 PM
Bart you mad man
12th Nov 2021, 12:54 PM
I just started reading this, and i absolutely love it
Good job πŸ’–βœ¨πŸ‘‘
13th Nov 2021, 3:48 PM
It's being really interesting so far, good job! I always wanted something beyond the comedy of the show, like seeing the characters grow not only in age but in a more mature way.
13th Dec 2021, 2:17 PM
just caught up with the comic, looking good, man!
14th Dec 2021, 9:01 AM
I love your comic so far. Will there be any updates before 2022?
10th Jan 2022, 2:19 PM
Hi, will there be an update in 2022, because this comic is.....
i just read the entire thing, its awesome.
7th Feb 2022, 4:36 PM
Mango Art
I liked it very much! Do you plan to continue?
17th Feb 2022, 10:26 AM
I absolutely love this!
5th Mar 2022, 2:08 AM
I want moooooore
30th Mar 2022, 11:21 AM
I hopo to see more of this! I find it amazing! Such a good work!
20th Apr 2022, 2:14 PM
This is absolute gold. Keep up the great work.
11th May 2022, 3:55 AM
I just love the way you drawn themπŸ’›
Waiting to know more about Lisa's birthday!!!
11th May 2022, 1:08 PM
I love this so much!! I just fell in love with the artstyle and how expresive it is, truly professional work! Readinge the comic is loads of fun :))